Jennifer S

I love this! As a new art teacher I was really struggling with ways to keep my classes under control and give them something to work towards. With this resource I made sticker charts and 5 star stickers will get them a free ipad day. But they can’t have all of the letters of art turned over!

Art Strikes
This digital download. The Art Strikes© is a great classroom management tool that allows students to see how well they’re behaving as a class. The goal is for the class to keep all three letters by the end of class. If all of the letters are up, students are doing great. If you give the whole class a warning about using quiet voices and the behavior does not improve, take down the letter “A” and flip it around for the consequence. The class then knows a rule and how to improve. If students still are not following directions take away the “R”. If their behavior still does not improve, take away the final letter, “T”.
Price: $3.99
  • January 24, 2015

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