Principles of Design Bingo!


A fun and helpful way to make connections about art vocabulary and visual images. This game has two versions. Version One includes 50 bingo cards with pictures and Version Two is 50 bingo cards with vocabulary words (instead of pictures)


  • Directions on how to play Principles of Design Bingo!
  • 30 Principle of Design! Bingo Boards
  • 50 Principle of Design! Cards

Version One (Pictures)


Principles of Design Bingo! Double Sided With Words & Pictures
Play along with the Principle of Design Bingo set! This game can be played anytime as a review or assessment. Since some ideas might be new, you make need to show and read the cards. This item includes: Directions on how to play Principle of Design Bingo! 30 Bingo Boards (Picture Version One) 50 Principle of Design Bingo! Calling Cards